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Bonus- What is the life of an average citizen like?

on Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:48 pm
Cronicle the life the life of an average civvilian in your country, from birth to death.

Were they rich? poor? How connected is the family? What job did this person have? What religon do they practice?
This will give your country depth
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Re: Bonus- What is the life of an average citizen like?

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:49 pm

i live a slow life and it start with me smoking 20 joints of weed and then heading of to work with my vodka and what i do for a job is that i make vodka for a living but that is it for my work and what i do on my free time is smoke weed and drink vodka every day on my free tine but some times i have a party with all my friends i t is all ways fun but before i die i hope to have 99 wife's to do my work because i am a very rich man and half the time i am drinking vodka and towing bombs at the window  of dead people. people here is not really nice and always wants to go to war with each other  but are king timothy is the best he always finds ways to make us not kill each other  but that is pretty much my life in a nutshell and i am lonely and have no kids.

P.S. he was one of the best people to live in THE KINGS OF TRUMP so i say

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Re: Bonus- What is the life of an average citizen like?

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:16 pm
Jim, the citizen of Duckri, was happy. He was happy to be a Duckrian. He sat in the marshes, thinking, wondering. What would it be like, to be substantially more wealthy than someone else? He heard tales of the other nations, where there were a very small group that were extremely more wealthy. What would it be like? Everyone who lived in Duckri were all pretty much the same, financially. Some people had a little bit nicer furniture, some less, but all of them had the same types of things. He checked his watch. Almost time to work. Jim owned a small bookstore in the lower part of town. He had to get up early, but when the hours were slow, he got to read some of the books. He loved fantasy. Jim started flapping his wings and took off. He had to get going early so that he would beat rush hour. With so many ducks flying in the sky at the same time, there was bound to be traffic. When Jim got near his store, he signaled with his wing and dove down to the landing pond. He waddled out and opened the door to the store. Changing the sign from Closed to Open, he took his place behind the counter. All of these books, that he had traded, sold, and bought over the years. This was his passion. This was where he belonged.

Jim looked at the clock on one of the bookshelves, positioned opposite him. It was time to pack up. Jim stepped out of the little bookstore and walked toward the temple. It just so happened that his business resided just a couple of streets away from one of the largest temples in the city. Jim went to the temple and prayed. He prayed to the Duck god, the Lord our Duck, as was every night. He thanked the Great Duck for life, and this great land that the ducks had chosen to call home. He thanked the Lord our Duck for his friends, and his family, and everyone he knew. He thanked the Lord our Duck for everything, and then, he took off into the air, towards home.

Average life

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:44 am
I am a average citizen. Well, not really, I’m a rich noble. But there was a raffle for this, so I’m telling about me life. Well then, my life is great. I’m just kidding. I AM THE SON OF LUCIFER, THE DEVIL. (South Park reference). I WILL REGIN DOWN ON MY FELLOW MAN AND REWARD THOSE WHO SUPPORT ME. Besides that, I use my money and go to charities. I then find those poor people and laugh in their faces and wish them a happy starving. I also like to plot, I mean, debate against the Leader Lucy. Lucy: wait what. As for my money, I get it from working hard. My life is awesome.
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Re: Bonus- What is the life of an average citizen like?

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