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Celestiaran History Empty Celestiaran History

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:40 pm
The history starts in 1820, when a cult, named the Celeste Worshippers, spread across the bottom of Mexico.
The officials did not mind, for Mexico had just been formed and any help in conquering
the lawless bottom was needed. The cult ruled with an iron fist, restricting all personal
freedoms. Skip forwards to 1872, when a shipment of weapons was smuggled into
the the controlled territory, and revolutionarys stole them, leaping at the chance for a revolution.
Hence, Celestiaran was formed as the opposite of the cults rule.

Skip forwards to 1972: Celestiaran was one of the most advanced countries on the planet,
socialist and technologically advanced. They landed on the moon two months after Apollo 11.
Guatamala, directly adgancent, found Celestiaran threataning, allowing a dictator to form who began
a genocide against the Mayan born Celestiese. Celestiaran invaded, and took control of the territory.

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