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A Brief History of Elthurya Empty A Brief History of Elthurya

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:37 pm
Elthurya was founded a mere 55 years ago by the esteemed and revered Queen Aeilla, and has flourished in the time since. The current ruler, Queen Wilhelmina, is supported by her 20-person Cabinet of Advisors; the 75-person Head Council; the Minister of Affairs; the 15-person Economic Advisory; and 10-person Board of Desalunes.

Elthurya has been peaceful up until the War of Stefuhr, in which Queen Wilhelmina made a temporary alliance with Celestiran and Duckri in an effort to topple Qusciyla's Lady Jessa II, and Marcus Severus XVII, who were acting for the aged and somewhat-mentally unstable King Jordan VIII.
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