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Lucirya- TrumpWar- CONCLUDED, No effect on territory

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:45 pm
Finished, here for posterity.

After the assassination of the millitary leaders of Beeorian, they were defenseless. As retaliation against Luceryia, The Kings Of Trump had declared war.

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Re: Lucirya- TrumpWar- CONCLUDED, No effect on territory

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:35 pm
I sent 11 people to take out the shield and then Gas Bomb's dropped leaving death in its path and the tanks started to push forward to the land reddy to kill on command all I was waiting for her next move and one bad move and she is dead
Lucyicra suspected gas warfare and already had her people wear gas masks. And not the kind that can be bypassed by Wonder Woman gas. There were some idiots who were arrogant and didn’t wear gas masks, but now their dead. So all the stupid people that were slowing Lucyicra down are dead. Progress
I have told the tanks to move in and that was rushing in and leaving nothing in it's path and killing anything that moves and ready to kill the high priest and take back the land that once was token from my good friend I will kill you.
I have sent 20 of my most elite soldiers to attack Lucyicra.
A airship, stuffed to the gills with plasma weaponry, looms in the sky above Lucyicra. Clouds pass it and it moves through
the mist in a elegant, smooth, if slow, waltz through the clouds. The moon's light shoot through the clouds, and only occasionally
does the moon itself beam through. Shilliouted against the moon it one of these moments, the airship moves over a city center, which
appears like a beached, glowing starfish amidst the dark ground surrounding it. The ground quickly gets lit up as plasma rushes through the air,
leaving a bright trail behind. Plasma weaponry fire at the ship, but they are either repulsed by magnets or are deflected by the curves of the airship.
The city is left in ruins.(edited)
As the might of the combined militaries of celestiaran and Kings charge through lucyicra, a rather interesting dilemma has approached Lucyicra.
"Ma'am, we have a problem"
"You think?!" The enraged leader says
"This isn't an army after us, at least by normal standards"
"Then what is it?"
"Listen, we're going through a lot right now, I don't have time for jokes".
The advisor pulls up a video of flying insects swarming the people of lucyicra; the people running smock.
"This is no joke, ma'am".
Beeorian has joined the fightLucyicra has gotten sick of everyone ganging up on them, so she offers to give beeorian their land back, because it was a wasteland anyway, and just move to Canada. They say they’ll leave, give Beeorian’s weapons and money back (as long as they apologize for killing the head general and personal friend), and even let everyone have plasma weapons. There. Now you have no excuse to keep targeting Lucyicra. Except for being jerks.
November 15, 2017
I have told the tanks to move in and kill every one that they can see and blow up the high priest house and get ready to kill her their is no backing down you will die whether you like it or not so it is better out to not fight back and die you will not win this fight and I will be the one to kill you and it will not be fast is be slow on panful I have no mercy I take no prisoners all will die I will not make peace with my enemy's any last word before you die.(edited)

War Concluded

on Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:00 pm
So now that there is no more war, Lucyicra now has rebuilt all of its cities and moved to Canada. I would say this in general news, but I am unable to. All I can do is post replies and the other sections don’t have any heading to reply to. Greg, please post to general news, special events, negotiations and chat. Because then I can’t do anything. And possibly everyone else
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Re: Lucirya- TrumpWar- CONCLUDED, No effect on territory

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