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QUCYLA-Celestiaran War Empty QUCYLA-Celestiaran War

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:42 pm
All of the below is copied over. Thank you.
Thousands of hovercrafts streaked across the water of the atlantifc ocean, landing on an
island just below Qusciyla. The invasion horse continued to grow, in secret, until today.
The troops stormed in on the Southern edge, and the war began as bombers and troops
plowed through the early, coastal defenses due to the suprise attack. The war starts,
small white dots began to appear on the horizon as the opposing hovercraft started zooming towards you. below, streams of green-clad soldiers began trickling out of the formidable grey stone of the walled city.
suddenly, sleek silver and white airships rise above the city and begin skimming rapidly over the land and sea towards celestiaran. they are carrying huge nuclear weapons to deploy over the nation-state.
Above, grey bombers,
invisible against the cloudy sky, streak over
the city. Bombs drop like droplets
of water out of a cupped hand. Flashes of
light appear over the landscape as the walls collapse
due to the bombs. The bombs streak back around, their job
done. The hovercraft run over and shoot the soldiers,
as they get overwhelmed due to Celestiaran's advantage of suprise.
An advantage that only lasts this battle. The city falls,
but it is only one of many.
THE AIRSHIPS streaking towards Celestiaran
are shot down quickly by Anti Aircraft guns
and Celestiaran VTOL FIGHTERS. Not one of their
payloads makes land

"Hosz de exses, de voreo!"

- Celestiaran saying.'
A fuzzy image of a tall woman appears on the screens of each Celestiaran airship. A static-filled voice informs you that Elthurya is joining Celestiaran in the war. You are surprised, for Elthurya is well-known for their lack of technology. But as the queen of Elthurya says, "for what it's worth, we're with you."
Hands fly over a computer keyboard. A tendril of smoke is rising from the mouth of the man in the darkened room. He swears joyfully and presses the enter button once.

The hovercrafts burst into flames and zig-zag into the sea. They were hacked by this single man, one of the many geniuses kidnapped as babies and raised in the militaristic government of Quisciyla. A black-haired woman peers over the man's shoulder and the rapidly flashing computer screen.

"You've done wonderfully, darling." She turns around. "Keep the soldiers rolling. I want every city to be fully prepared for attack. If there's enough time, build walls around the strategically important ones. Protect the capital at all costs."
A small beeping noise emits from the right corner of the wide screen. "Someone's sent us... a whole lot of money, sir," says a portly man, obviously bewildered. "I don't know... what... what in the world is an aeya?"
Well, there go our hovercraft.... Disconnect every craft from the internet.
We still have about a thousand hovercraft in storage, send them out.


Paladin Space Station, Geostationary Orbit above Quicyla.

"You have the order. Activate the striker."
The hacking against Celestiaran only damages about a quarter of it's troops,
And others are being deployed in full horse. Thousands of craft streak across
the icy plains, rushing into combat. Hypersonic bombers cleave a trail of plasma through
the sky as the move at speeds of up to 4 kilometers per second. Destruction rains down
below them. Hulking "flying fortress" lumber across the sky, while agile fighters swarm
around them. Celestiaran has redoubled it's war effort.
Due to our alliance with the nation of Celestarian, the Theocracy of Duckri has announced that they will be joining the war on the side of Celestarian.
The man swears loudly, still watching the computer intently. "The Kings of Trump, Cyveria, Duckri, and Lucyria are all against us, milady," he tells the black-haired woman.

"No matter." She smiles, meower-like as ever. "Send in the ENLNEs."

The man presses a single button, and instantly soldiers in the docks below begin climbing into massive airships. They rise into the air, perfectly in formation, and begin to open fire on the attackers.

Fireworks of vermilion destruction bloom in the sky. Nearly half of the enemy ships are destroyed, but it's not enough.

"They're not going to make it, milady," the man informs the woman.

"I can see that, darling," purrs the woman. "Put up the shields. That will save them from total destruction.

"Increase the drafting. I want every able-bodied man and woman to be fighting. We may be vastly outnumbered, we're probably going to lose awfully, but we're going to lose in style."

The man types a code into the computer. A message pops up on the screen. He turns to the woman.

"They're dead."
"Elthurya is not a nation with an advanced military," says the queen, whose image is displayed on the biggest screen in the Duckri headquarters. "I'll be the first to admit that. But we have money. I'm sending you several million aeya to help with the war." She clears her throat awkwardly.

"I will expect no small compensation after this is finished."
The President of Celestiaran sits grimly in his office.
A knock on the door interrupts him from his reverie.
It was the nations sole arms manufacturer.
He walked up to the desk, and spoke.

"I will build you a secret weapon, you know what I am talking about.
The only price is you loosening the laws."

The president, after some thought, agreed with trepidation.


Over the icy plains of Qusciyla, a massive,
hovering airship drifts out of the fog. More fighters come along with it.

All nations against are getting ready for a massive
onslaught against the capital of Qusciyla.
Celestiaran has unleashed it's the most powerful
weapon, a super-airship. The End is coming for
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I am sorry I have not been able to post this sooner but I've been having some issues where I make a post and it doesn't show at all...
Anyways here it is:

The High Priest of Duckri, Second only to the Lord our Duck, flew at high speeds along the road to the military base. "When I signed that treaty, I didn't expect a war so soon.." he muses to himself. "Ah well, it was only a matter of time. I suppose it is about time we sent reinforcements..." Upon reaching his destination, he slows down and signals to a military officer waiting for him outside the base. "Should I send the troops, sir?" "Yes, it is about time." The officer walks into the large building and gives the command. A group of over 1000 soldiers, all wearing a flexible armor that protects them from gunfire and explosions. "Serve your country well, and may the Duck be with you." says the officer to the group of soldiers. One by one they take off, flying towards the Nation-state of Quiscyla.

"The war is ramping up to the finale."

The words of Celestiaran Head Council member Braxton, on this
Thursday, when confronted with reporters asking on end about the end
of this war. He told reporters the war will be over soon, and Celestiarn
will purge or revamp all of its arms for civillian use. They are beginning
a final, Capital Offensive on the heavily armored capital of Quicyla.
"The help of other nations will be instrumental." A junior war council member,
Daneui Searion, told reporters after a grueling 15 hour planning and diplomacy
strategy session on Thursday. "Everything is planned out" he says, "All the dates
and troops. Everyone will be going home soon." What will happen after everyone
goes home is still up for debate. Two sides are going to be asked to present their
victory options: Occupation, where Celestiaran claims the land for itself, or Reinstation,
where Celestiaran sets up a democratic government for Quicyla. They will present the
ideas to the Head Council on Wednesday, and they have already presented to the war
and diplomatic councils, all of which work together to make the decision. The war appears
to be in the bag, for Celestiaran.


Matt Riker,

Celeste City.

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QUCYLA-Celestiaran War Empty Re: QUCYLA-Celestiaran War

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:14 pm
The troops of Celestiaran gather on an icy island off the coast of Qucyla's capital. Snow ripped through
the ranks of troops and battered the armor of the hovercraft. Hypersonic Bombers and fighters readied on the runways and rocket-sleds.
It was an INVASION FORCE: ready to attack. The whir of the hovercraft and the woosh of the rockets signalled their readiness to attack:
They soared across the water, ready to fight.

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QUCYLA-Celestiaran War Empty Qusciyla Offers Peace Treaty

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:22 pm
This day the 7th of August 2025, the esteemed and all-powerful Lady Jessa II, acting for her revered father King Jordan VIII, would propose to the Council of Celestiran and the High Priest of Duckri a peace treaty. The Lady offers a revision of Qusciyla's politics, having it revert to a democracy, and an alliance. The Lady would also offer 10,000 jovpias each to the Council and High Priest, respectively.


Marcus Severus XVII
Head Programmer for King Jordan VII
Granted Support Councillor for Lady Jessa II
Supreme Military Leader Salvacratjan
Order of the Crocodile, First Class

Lady Jessa II
Eldest Daughter of King Jordan VII
Head of the Council of Qusciylanesian Leaders
Military Advisor for Salvacratjan Marcus Severus XVII
Order of the Crocodile, Second Class

King Jordan VIII
Revered King of Our Kingdom of Qusciyla
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QUCYLA-Celestiaran War Empty Elthurya Accepts Qusciyla Peace Treaty

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:24 pm
The Qusciylanesian Peace Treaty has been read and accepted by the Queen Wilhemina of Elthurya and her Cabinet of Advisors, in addition to the Head Council, Minister of Affairs, Economic Advisory, and Board of Desalunes.
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QUCYLA-Celestiaran War Empty Re: QUCYLA-Celestiaran War

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:27 pm
"Call it off!' The radio rang through the soldiers heads.

In Celeste City, the council hurridly votes:

They have chosen to accept the peace treaty. It will be discussed in an impartial location:

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QUCYLA-Celestiaran War Empty Re: QUCYLA-Celestiaran War

on Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:25 pm
the Theocracy of Duckri would like to sign the treaty. We believe that a land without war is a better one.
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